Wednesday, 10 July 2013

How to: Fashionable holey items

So, how do you DIY those super fashionable holey jeans and shirts that at boutiques?
Image from

The method with jeans is to rub something rough against the areas you want worn to holes until that effect is reached. Rinse and repeat.

For shirts and jeans that you want a particular holey look, as in the image above, I suggest the follow technique:

Put whatever item you want fashionably destroyed next to a rat cage, leave for a bit and totally forget about it. Then come back and scream for a bit while you try to extract your clothing item from the jaws of hell. Holes will range from large gaps to small, pointilist effects.

Super, like totally fashionable clothes cost the earth. Rats cost around R5 - R30, it's renewable energy and leaves no carbon footprint.


  1. Ferrets work well, too. Some take to hoarding clothes and hiding them under the bed, but others will seek and destroy cashmere sweaters, new lingerie, and heirloom quilts. Just because they're helpful like that.