Saturday, 15 June 2013

Ladies' Chemise 1888

The national garment cutter book of diagrams (1888)

Ladies' Chemise 1888


  1. I just recently made this as a top out of linen. I got the diagram I used from here: but I wish I'd seen yours as it is bigger, and clearer how it's constructed.

    It was surprisingly easy to create the pattern based on the measurements given, and once drafted, I made it a bit bigger to fit my shoulder-width.

    Making it up took a lot of guesswork and I had to redo the sleeves three times. Maybe less if I'd seen your picture. It makes it clearer. Or maybe coz I know how it is supposed to be now, it looks clearer! I'll blog about it as soon as I get a good picture.

    The only thing I'd change when making up next time is the front 'skirt' part of the chemise is on too shallow an angle to match the front yoke, so there's a bit of gathering in the centre-front below the yoke. Maybe that didn't matter when it was under a corset but it's a bit odd as a top. I'd probably fit that seam on me before sewing it rather than trying to adjust it on the flat-pattern draft, I think, as there is a bust dart built into it and I'm not sure how much of a dart it is and how much it needs to be just working from the flat pattern.

    I had so much fun I'm considering doing this as a tunic/top.

    I found it on pinterest, can't work out who to thank for putting it on the internet!

    1. Thank you for your reply about the pattern! There's no point in posting a ton of patterns if no one gives feedback :-) is whereyou can link/credit the tunic/top pattern to.