Wednesday, 18 December 2013

"Leggins" (gaiters) and riding breeches (1897)

Superlative System of Cutting Ladies' Garments (1897)

  "Leggins" (gaiters) and riding breeches (1897)


 The "leggins" are gaiters, a protective garment covering the shoe and calf - the leggins and breeches blocks are apart of a riding ensemble, the rest of which I omitted. FYI "spats" ("spatter dashes") are indeed basically the lower half of the leggins or gaiters, but they include a strap for under the instep and are to protect from spatters.

My sincere good wishes to those attempting the above instructions, I tried and quite failed. That was the beginning of this year though so in all likelihood an attempt at this point would turn out way better.
Here's a pic of a failed waistcoat and the breeches I made in the spirit of the design:

Awkward photo-self is awkward.

You can't see the waistband which is a pity, but there's a side metal zip with a double metal button closure, looks pretty damn good. Essentially what I did was take a pants pattern and traced it onto fabric with chalk. I then chalked in the breeches shape as I wanted it. I did the same thing for the back pattern, except I used the front pattern again and just freehanded the structural differences. I'm rubbish at patterning so my next attempt, which was calculated, was visually shameful in comparison, however both had awkward fitting issues when I sat in them.

You get amazing compliments in these pants.


  1. Ciao! Complimenti per il tuo blog....questi pattern sono troppo belli! :)
    Un saluto dall'Italia, da Firenze!